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As of writing this journal I am officially 10 days out from having an organ transplant. I wanted to wait and make the announcement until I was feeling a bit better. And now I am!

I was called and came into Seattle just 3 hours later, rushed to the Virginia Mason hospital and within minutes I was getting prepped for surgery. The surgery was 5 hours, went well, and I am currently in a long term stay hotel in Seattle. I'll be here for a month total (more if needed) and its still not hit me yet how insane it all sounds.

My organ came from a cadaver donor, is in the top %20 in the nation. After 4 days it is working at peak performance. New medications to get used to, new tastes smells and sounds. My kidney affects -so much- of my life that it's exciting to see just what changes on a day to day basis.

Here's a list of the biggest changes:

  • My skin is healthy, no longer cracked, dry peeling or bleeding
  • I can eat just about anything now (In fact they want me to eat tons)
  • I can taste things, and smells are entirely different
  • I am on lifelong rejection medications but will be tapered down drastically in the coming months, the strongest being steroids.
  • No more dialysis! I get my presternal catheter removed next month
  • I can now go swimming to my hearts content
  • I can travel, and am not tethered to a machine 9 hours a day
  • I must be careful around sunlight as my medications make me photosensitive, meaning no more tanning and lots of sunscreen
  • No more daily nausea
My only disappointment is still being unable to work a living wage, at least for the next 12 months. Due to medicare taking care of my medications during that time, I cannot work beyond $300 a month. I will be pushing back against this as I absolutely miss making an honest living at my chosen profession. I feel there has to be a way around this, but so far it's "Work and pay for all your medications" or "Don't work, don't save, and be disabled." After 5 years of the latter, it takes a mental toll on you. My government seems to think I'm worth very little, but I know I'm more then that and I can be a productive person. But these medications are in the couple-grand-a-month price range and no one can reasonably afford them for a lifetime.

One very specific issue here is the fact my transplant does not fix anything permanently. Its a temporary relief, but will be one of multiple transplants. I will be on these medications for life, but any time I can have with a healthy organ is worth it. It can last anywhere from now, until 20 years from now! It's worth it to try, and if for any reason it does not work out I can live on PD fairly average. This is all a learning experience and the more I know, the better choices I can make. At 31, it's a good time in my life to make some serious plans!

Many good things, but taking it all in a realistic light at the same time. I'm just totally ready to get back into the swing of things and live a bit more <3.

The biggest thing I want to say is THANK YOU.

THANK ALL OF YOU. For the words, the wishes, the donations and the good vibes. The fundraiser was a success, and my month here is so much better because of that. I am comfortable, fed, and able to rest in a clean environment and its all -because- of that support. I am trying to save whatever I can so that fund can be used in the event of any emergency concerning after-care meds, or if Medicare seems fit to drop me. 

I will update more as things change, but I felt it time to tell everyone here =) my twitter has a more daily stream of updates and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I love to discuss it and teach others about the process because it's kind of fascinating!

Talk to you guys later, it's time to watch some superbowl!

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Happy early birthday, and congrats on finally receiving the new kidney! :D (Big Grin)  With many happy returns! Have your cake and eat it too
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Today at Disney Store, I checked out a guy whose name was Blake Lewis and you were the first person I thought of hahaha
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